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Hagane Concept by Shimano

If you have been following recent industry news especially in terms of new product releases from Shimano, chances are you have come across the term ‘Hagane’. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Hagane?”.

In simple terms, Hagane is Shimano’s reel design concept designed to withstand continual use and extreme abuse under all circumstances, and in all conditions. It is something only Shimano can produce, and has really set them apart from other reel manufacturers. Hagane focuses on two main concepts; toughness and durability. The Hagane concept is a combination of three core features found in Shimano reels to deliver ultimate performance and longevity. Hagane is comprised of the durability, smoothness, and strength of the Hagane Gear; the smoothness and cranking power of X-Ship; and efficiency through strength of the Hagane Body.

Hagane Gear

“Durability, smoothness, and strength”

Hagane gearing highlights Shimano’s metalworking technology, with a highly durable cold-forged aluminum drive gear, Hagane gearing ensures a lasting out of the box feeling. Shimano’s cold-forging process consists of no cutting, but rather the gear is pressed with 200 tonnes of pressure. This process ensures the highest accuracy, and prevents any irregularities in the gear design. Part of Hagane gearing is Shimano’s micro modular gearing, as present in the higher end Antares, Metanium, and Stella reels, ensuring eternally smooth reeling.


“Improved gear durability and smoothness”

X-Ship delivers increased gearing efficiency and strength, as well as smoothness. This is achieved by a double supported pinion gear, with bearings on each end, ensuring that the pinion gear maintains precise alignment with the drive gear. X-Ship eliminates twist and rotor flex, by keeping the gears in the same position, and ensures powerful and smooth cranking under the heaviest loads.

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