• Patrick Zajdel

Shimano Curado 200I Review

Shimano has built a legacy with it’s Curado series over the years, as the go-to reel for anglers of all skills levels, whether you are a tournament pro, or weekend warrior, the chances are you have either heard of or used the Shimano Curado.

With the Curado I series, Shimano steps up their game, incorporating features from many of their higher end baitcast reels into the Curado. In the video review below, I go over many of the new features that are packed into this reel. I cover features such as the Hagane Concept, consisting of Hagane Body, Hagane Gear, and X-Ship technology. Additional features in this new Curado series is the S3D Balanced Spool; for improved casting distance with lightweight baits and overall smoothness, and the SVS Infinity breaking system; that allows you to make changes on the fly without opening the side plate of your reel.

There’s more to this reel than what I mentioned above, check out the video for all the details on the Curado 200I series. If you have any questions regarding the Shimano Curado, or any of Shimano’s reel technologies, feel free to get in touch via email, phone, or social media.

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